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Cycle To Work

Save between 25% – 39%, have a healthier journey to work, and reduce environmental pollution with tax free bikes for commuting at 99 Bikes.

Say Goodbye To Gridlock

At 99 Bikes we support all of the leading Cycle to Work providers to offer employees the very best choice of product. If you cycle to work, you can save up to 39% on a new bike and safety equipment thanks to a government backed scheme that makes buying a new commuter bike much more affordable. The Cycle to Work Scheme is a salary sacrifice. This means the cost of a new bike and equipment is deducted from your salary as a non-cash benefit, so you save on tax and national insurance. Your employer effectively buys the bike and equipment on your behalf, then leases it back to you through an interest-free salary sacrifice scheme.

Reasons to sign up

  • Save up to 39% off the cost of a new bike
  • Cycling to work helps you stay fit and healthy, burns a lot of calories, and reduces your carbon footprint
  • The cycle to work scheme is awesome as it enables you to get all manner of cycling gear at a significant discount (whilst also spreading the cost).

Sale Bikes

Reduced priced bikes can be bought through Cycle to Work schemes. However, an extra 10% commission will be added to cover the provider’s fees. Halford Cycle2Work vouchers are subject to different charges, please see below for details.
*If you use a Gogeta voucher we don't charge any additional fees for sale bikes. Find out more

Halfords Cycle2work Vouchers

When processing a Halford’s Cycle2work vouchers for sale items we apply a 15% surcharge .This surcharge will need to be paid separately and cannot be included in the voucher total.

Delivery Charge

All cycle to work orders after the 25/01/2021 will incur a delivery charge set at the current rate for your region. Please check our delivery page for the price of delivery to your location. this will be included on the cycle to work quote but can be paid as a separate transaction. If you are applying for a voucher without a quote from us, please remember to add on the delivery charge when calculating your total.

Gogeta - The Quickest Route To A Tax Free Bike

Gogeta is not your average tax-free cycling provider, they offer unbeatable value, they have swift easy admin and offer 24/7 support to employers and employees. Visit their site for more information Here

Thanks to the low cost of accepting gogeta vouchers, we do not include any surcharges, which means gogeta customers enjoy the best savings.

In addition to the tax savings, gogeta enables access to sale prices and discounts that are not usually available to Cycle-to-work buyers. Total savings are often in excess of 50%. Find the calculator here.

  • No final transfer fees
  • No surcharges
  • No hidden fees

The Gogeta Flexi-Voucher an industry-first solution that lets customers decide how, when and where to spend their tax-free money. All other schemes processes are that a customer applies for a voucher which then must be redeemed all in one transaction. With gogeta’s Flexi Voucher, customers apply for a voucher as normal but when it arrives, it can be used multiple times until the balance is fully drawn. So, customers can buy a bike one month, a helmet the next month, and when the weather turns a few months later, stock up on lights and waterproof clothing. All from the same voucher.

Find Out More About Gogeta

Redeem you Cyclescheme voucher online

You can now redeem your Cyclescheme Vouchers online and the process couldn’t be simpler. Just add all of the items you wish to purchase through Cyclescheme to your basket and select the payment method “pay with Cyclescheme” in the checkout. Enter the required details on each step of the checkout as normal, when you get to the payment method section simply enter your certificate code and redemption code in the correct boxes and hit the place order button, job done!

This redemption method is only for vouchers from Cyclescheme. To redeem a voucher from a different scheme provider (Bike 2 work, Cycle solutions etc) please follow the old instructions or get in touch with us at

Make sure you have your valid Cyclescheme certificate.

If you need a quote to apply for your voucher use the form below.


Choose your items and add them to your basket.

You can choose Bikes, Clothing, Equipment and Accessories. Anything that’ll help you stay dry (it is the UK, after all), comfortable and stay safe during your ride.


In the Checkout choose”Cyclescheme” as the payment method.

Make sure you’ve spent as much of your certificate value as possible, you won’t be able to use it at a later date!


During the payment stage of the checkout, enter your certificate & redemption codes, then click the “pay” button.

We’ll verify your codes with Cyclescheme and ensure you’re certificate is valid.


Order confirmation!

Assuming your certificate details were valid (and you didn’t get too enthusiastic and over-spend on your certificate value — it happens), we’ll complete your order (like any other payment method) and depending on your delivery method, you’ll be notified when your order is dispatched or ready for collection.

How to purchase with a cycle to work scheme

Purchasing a bike with cycle to work couldn’t be simpler, below are step by step guides for the process both online and instore.

Step 1. Choose an eligible bike and accessories. Enter the details of the products you have selected into the Cycle To Work quote form (or contact us by phone or email.)

Step 2. Once you submit your online quote, we’ll put together a quotation for your order and email you. This email is not a confirmation of a completed order, it is a Quotation. It contains the information your employer will need to give you a voucher and does not reserve your bike at this stage.

Step 3. Take this email quotation to your employer and ask them to issue you with your valid cycle to work voucher.

Step 4. When you have your cycle to work voucher from your employer, please mail it to us at . Please note that some schemes require you to send us the original voucher – if this applies to you, we’ll let you know this when we receive your email.

Once we receive your email (or original voucher if your scheme requires this) we will reserve your bike and confirm your order. We’ll then send you an email when we dispatch your bike.

Step 5. Get excited and wait for your new bike to arrive.

Step 1. Your employer needs to be registered with one of the above Cycle to Work schemes. They can find out how to do this from information on one of the Cycle to Work Scheme websites (see below).

Step 2. Visit 99 Bikes, choose the bike and, if required, safety equipment and get a quotation.

Step 3. You apply for a Certificate online using the relevant Cycle to Work Scheme website. Your employer will usually sign an online Hire Agreement at this time.

Step 4. Once approved, a Certificate will be issued to either your employer or directly to you, whichever is requested.

Step 5. The Certificate is then redeemed at 99 Bikes in exchange for the bike package. Salary sacrifice then commences over the hire period (usually 12 months).

Step 6. At the end of the hire period the owner of the bike may choose to offer the employee various options – we recommend you discuss these with your employer or scheme provider

Submit A quote

Use the form below to send use the details we need to create a quote you can submit to your employer. You can also email us directly at with a list of the items you would like along with your contact details.

  • How much can I spend?

    Up until recently £1000 was the upper limit (at least for companies without their own consumer credit license).

    However, new legislation has removed the £1000 limit for bikes under the Governments Cycle To Work initiative, so employers can now apply to have no limit on the value of certificates issued to employees! This new limit is available now so your employer can start applying for a higher (or even unlimited) Cycle To Work limit straight away!

    If you want to benefit from this new higher limit, all you need to do is get in touch with your employer or HR department and ask them to apply for a higher limit through their chosen Cycle To Work provider. Then you can apply for a higher value certificate and save on your dream bike!

    Adding funds or ‘topping-up’ – with the new government guidance on scheme limits, it is now no longer possible to ‘add funds’ or ‘top-up’ your voucher to buy a higher value bike. This means that if you are looking for a bike or package worth £1000 or more, you must go through the new process with your employer or scheme provider to request a voucher for the full value.

  • Which cycle to work vouchers do 99 Bikes accept?

    We accept vouchers from Cyclescheme, Gogeta, Cycle Solutions, Halfords C2W vouchers, Cycleplus, OnYourBike, Bike2Work Scheme, Vivup and Green Commute Initiative.

  • What can I buy?

    Any cycle you can use for commuting. It can have two, three or even four wheels. It can be a road bike, E-bike, hybrid, mountain bike or a folding bike but cannot be a childrens bike. You can also use the voucher to get any safety equipment you need for commuting. This might include:

    • Helmets
    • Bells and Bulb horns
    • Lights
    • Mirrors
    • Mudguards
    • Cycle Clips and dress guards
    • Panniers, Luggage
    • Locks and Chains
    • Pumps and repair kits
    • Reflective clothing, white front reflectors and spoke reflectors
  • Can I only use it to cycle to work?

    No, the government guidelines stipulate that the bike be used at least 50% for riding to work.

  • Who owns the bike?

    Technically your employer or scheme provider owns the bike and equipment and loans it to you during the hire period.

  • What happens at the end of the hire agreement?

    To keep the scheme tax free, there can be no guarantee you employer will transfer ownership at the end of the hire period. However, this is usually what happens. Because HMRC has set fair market values that the employer must pay to keep the bike, you may be asked to pay 18% of the value for a bike costing less than £500, or 25% for one costing £500+ More often, though, your employer will agree to extend the hire period by up to 36 months. During this time you make no further payments and at the end of the term the bike’s fair market value is considered negligible and ownership will be transferred to you.

    We recommend you discuss the options at an early point with your employer or scheme provider. You may have 3 options; firstly, to extend the hire agreement; secondly, to return the cycle and equipment. Thirdly, you may be able to buy the cycle and equipment under a separate agreement and valuation guidelines at the time

  • How much will I actually save?

    This all depends on your own tax status. Generally, without taking into account any payments or deposits at the end of the hire term, basic rate taxpayers will save 25% and higher rate taxpayers 39%..